Environmental, Social and Governance

Our commitment to building thriving, environmentally friendly blockchain infrastructure

At Core Scientific, we operate with the highest integrity, cultivate a culture of compliance, and seek out opportunities that help benefit our customers, employees, and the communities in which we live and work.

ESG is fundamental to our industry, to the services Core Scientific provides, and to how we, as corporate citizens, operate in today’s landscape.

Core Scientific’s first facility, located in Marble, North Carolina was chosen for two main reasons: Marble is located in an Opportunity Zone, and the surrounding valleys in the Appalachian mountains are home to dozens of hydroelectric plants (zero carbon emissions) built by the United States government in the 1940s as critical infrastructure to provide the power for the Manhattan Project.


Maximizing Sustainable Energy Use and Minimizing Environmental Impact

As the largest digital asset mining operator in North America, Core Scientific as an industry leader takes its environmental footprint seriously, and we take pride in the achievements that this company has made first and foremost for maximizing our sustainable energy mix. To date, approximately 55 – 60% of Core Scientific’s electricity comes from sustainable, emission-free sources, including hydro, wind, solar, nuclear, and others.

As Core Scientific continues to scale our business, maximizing our mix of sustainable energy sources is one of our main focuses. Our ability to operate on a net-carbon neutral basis has enabled Core Scientific to help accelerate the long-term growth and adoption of sustainable power across multiple industries. By increasing demand for sustainable power, we’re helping drive down the cost of development of critical sustainable power generation.

Finally, since digital asset mining hardware, central to our industry, has a finite working life, we send 100% of non-working parts and hardware where they’re recycled for future use.

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Addressing Inequalities by Bringing Access to Asset Ownership Worldwide, and Creating Positive Outcomes in our Local Communities

Core Scientific designs, develops, and deploys technology and services that are fundamental to achieving a distributed and decentralized society and economy. By ensuring the bitcoin blockchain network is secure, we are helping to bring access to private property ownership to billions of unbanked individuals around the world. This new network supplements the antiquated financial system, increasing individual access to financial opportunity and autonomy, by growing and leveraging the blockchain’s transparent, immutable, fully-accountable technology, which is central to what drives our team to succeed.

Additionally, Core Scientific is a large and growing career creator in economic opportunity zones, helping to turn economically depressed former manufacturing / heavy industry regions into thriving technology-centric regions. To date, we have successfully repurposed a number of brownfield manufacturing facilities, reinventing and reconfiguring them into technology powerhouses, bringing the next generation of high-paying technology jobs into the American heartland.


Supporting Transparent, Decentralized Immutable and Inclusive Technologies

Democratization of data, finance, and technology through the support of blockchain protocols is a central principle to Core Scientific.

The decentralization of data via the blockchain ensures individuals’ ability to trust information from a decentralized, immutable ledger. Having an immutable record of public information creates a digital history that can be relied upon, and that is guaranteed to be accurate.

This important technological innovation provides complete inclusivity. In addition, bitcoin creates the ability for every human on the planet with a connection to the Internet to have access to private property and banking services.

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