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Careers at Core Scientific

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Why Join Core Scientific

Be a part of an organization that is focused exclusively on blockchain. Join our team to be at the forefront of these technologies that will shape our future.

Excel in a Fast-Paced, Transparent & Collaborative Culture

From processes to culture, we’re building something new from the ground up. We foster a culture of deep relationship building and a unique team environment where energy, creativity and collaboration drive innovation. With direct, transparent feedback and clear communication, our team moves as one to accomplish our goals and drive innovation. Unapologetically, we work hard, run hard, keep bureaucracy to a minimum and hold ourselves accountable in our quest to build something special. If these things interest you, you are at the right place.

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Expand your Skills

As a business with a strong impetus to innovate, drive end to end ownership, and meet critical business goals, we encourage all of our employees with on the job learning to stretch and grow as our fast-paced industry evolves.

Our leadership team prides itself on being accessible and transparent, which gives our employees the opportunity to directly influence solutions to complex challenges with real-world implications.

Create the Wave of the Future

Democratization of data, finance, and technology through the support of blockchain protocols is a central principle to Core Scientific.

The decentralization of data via the blockchain ensures individuals’ ability to trust information from a decentralized, immutable ledger. Having an immutable record of public information creates a digital history that can be relied upon, and that is guaranteed to be accurate.

This important technological innovation provides complete inclusivity. In addition, bitcoin creates the ability for every human on the planet with a connection to the Internet to have access to private property and banking services.

Create the Wave of the Future