Eco-Friendly Mining

Unlike a traditional manufacturer using lots of power, because bitcoin mining involves trillions of discrete calculations every second, we can halt our operations on a moment’s notice when our grid partners need more power, without impacting our production.

This means that during peak summer temperatures,
when the grid is operating near maximum capacity, we can
power-down a data center and deliver the power we would have been using back to support our neighbors’ air conditioning systems. 

Importantly, this unique capability avoids the need for grid operators to power-up expensive “peaker” power plants to keep the power flowing. In this way, our data centers can help the grid through the highest demand periods.

Promoting renewable energy production


Some renewable energy plants, such as wind farms, produce power at times when general demand is low, and there are few customers to buy it. Our data centers operate 24/7/365, representing a large, continuous demand for power throughout the day. We can buy power produced by windfarms at night and solar farms during the morning, thereby supporting the business case for new renewable projects and expansion to existing projects.

Helping our

By investing in our data centers, we also spur investment in local power infrastructure, helping to increase the reliability of local grids and provide better service to our neighbors. In certain cases, power rates can even decline for our neighbors just because we operate in their communities.