A year after Winter Storm Uri, the ERCOT market is undergoing the most fundamental reorganization and restructuring in its history. With a completely new set of decision-makers, the PUCT and ERCOT are driving mammoth changes that will impact every market participant in the Lone Star State. Reliability mandates and the financial fallout from the storm have called into question previous methods for managing financial and operational risk in this enormous energy market. What do leading market participants see coming? How are they planning to handle this tidal wave of change?

One year after Winter Storm Uri, Infocast has put together a truly expansive ERCOT Market Summit to help market participants understand the impacts of the existing changes and those yet to come, and to chart a successful course going forward in the Texas power market. It will bring policymakers together with utilities, renewable developers, IPPs, retail energy providers, end-use customers, financiers, and traders to explore the impacts on resource adequacy, power prices, project siting and bankability, and how to best meet the shifting needs of commercial, industrial and retail customers.