BELLEVUE, Wash. – April 22, 2021 – Core Scientific (the “Company”), a leading infrastructure and software solutions provider for artificial intelligence and blockchain led by CEO Kevin Turner, the former COO of Microsoft, announced today that it has achieved 100% Net Carbon-Neutrality. This announcement underscores Core Scientific’s continued commitment to being the leading ESG-focused North American digital asset mining company and playing an integral role in building a net zero digital asset mining industry.

As the largest digital asset miner in North America, with nearly 550MW1 of power, Core Scientific maintains its strategic and environmental goals for renewable energy. The company continues to increase the use of power from carbon-free sources, which today accounts for 54% of total power. The Company’s scale uniquely positions it to lead growth in the renewable energy space and continue to seek out clean energy solutions for its business and sector in North America. Core Scientific plans to continue to maintain this status, actively evaluating potential opportunities with key partners in the energy sector and elsewhere to help advance the build out of renewables and achieve a more sustainable future.

“This milestone of becoming 100% carbon neutral is a testament to our deep commitment to renewable energy, which we have maintained since inception, but we still have work to do,” said Turner. “We believe that the steady load that digital asset mining provides power suppliers will help serve as a catalyst that significantly accelerates the adoption of renewable energies and we look forward to leading the industry’s charge into a future of sustainability and the progress we’ll make before next Earth Day rolls around.”

Michael Trzupek, Core Scientific’s Chief Financial Officer, commented, “We have always been dedicated to being respectful and thoughtful stewards of the earth and our natural resources. With our innovative thinking and emerging green technologies, we will continue to expand our use of carbon-neutral sources of power as our business, and the digital asset ecosystem, continues to grow.”

You can learn more about Core Scientific’s sustainability efforts here.

1By the end of 2021; reflects the facilities currently in construction.

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