BELLEVUE, Wash., Sept. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Core Scientific, the largest digital asset mining infrastructure provider in North America, announced it has entered into a strategic alliance with NFN8 Media to become its new exclusive hosting services provider. As such, NFN8 Media’s clients will gain full access to Core Scientific’s full suite of turnkey solutions and proprietary value added services.

Core Scientific’s turnkey operating and hosting services include miner sourcing and logistics management, white glove installation, a dedicated Client Success Manager (CSM), and 24/7 physical security and technical operations at each site, including teams dedicated to making repairs around the clock. As soon as digital mining machines arrive at Core Scientific’s facilities, the team installs the units and employs its industry leading fleet management and monitoring system, Minder, to provide real time data analytics and diagnostics ensuring a detailed macro and micro operational perspective.

NFN8 Media offers its clients customized computer systems called Mining Farms that create digital assets for less-than-spot market price, and additionally, leverages those digital assets through it’s proprietary high-frequency trading activities. Once clients purchase mining equipment, NFN8 Media has a Master Service Agreement to have equipment hosted in Core Scientific’s cutting-edge and secure data centers.

Kevin Turner, CEO of Core Scientific said, “NFN8 has become one of our fastest-growing hosting alliances. This strategic alliance will no doubt provide NFN8’s clients with access to new-generation miners and market leading hosting services provided by the Core Scientific team.”

This announced deal between Core Scientific and NFN8 Media is the first step in a fast growing, long-term strategic alliance that will provide more integrated and expanded opportunities to both company’s clients.

Cory Rodriguez, COO of NFN8 Media said, “There are many hosting opportunities out there. Core Scientific is simply the best of the best. They have a great team that is always accommodating to our team. Our clients benefit from data centers that are state of the art and secure… When we learned that “in rack repair” was part of the deal, materially reducing downtime, the decision was easy for us.”

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About Core Scientific
Core Scientific provides high-performance infrastructure that powers the world’s leading blockchain companies. Using state-of-the-art facilities, patent pending technology and best-in-class hosting solutions, Core Scientific is primed to power leading edge servers for large scale operations while working to develop enterprise software solutions for the most complex Blockchain and AI challenges. To learn more, visit

About NFN8 Media
NFN8 uses specialized computer system setups called Mining Farms to create Crypto-Assets for less than the current market price and then leverages those assets by high-frequency trading. NFN8 employs a unique sales/leaseback transaction to grow without dilution or debt while creating monthly cash flow for those who want to get involved in the Blockchain space.